We Love Our Clients! Thank you for the all the support!

Great feedback and consistent word of mouth referrals has allowed Cato Advanced Skin Care to continue grow without all of the gimmicky and aggressive marketing techniques used by others. We strive to offer the best quality service while providing uniquely customized treatments for all of your clients.

Pam is the most knowledgeable esthetician I have ever met! Not only does she “know her stuff” she LOVES what she does. My mom, son and I all go to her and our skin looks and feels better than it ever has! My skin is very sensitive and Pam knows just how to handle it, my son fights acne and Pam is the Acne Queen, and my mom wants to age gracefully. Pam treats each of our individual issues beautifully! Thank you Pam for taking such good care of my family! I rave about you to everyone!

Rebecca N
Aug 11th, 2016

Pam knows her stuff and is very educated in all aspects of acne and anti aging protocol. I am so thankful to find someone who really cares about what Is important to me

Sherri R
July 8th,2016

Pamela is a very pleasant, professional. She has been working with my 15 year old daughter to clear her acne issues and we love the results. Pamela knows skin and explains her products well. My daughter was referred to Pamela by a friend, and I would recommend her to others for skin related issues.

Destiny B
Jun 21st,2016

Pamela could not be any sweeter or more knowledgeable. She has blown me away with her success at clearing my acne in only 2 weeks. My life will never be the same because of her work. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She is incredible. She treats me like family and is extremely fair priced as well. Come see her soon!

Ashley R.
Feb 11th,2016

I have been seeing Pam for close to 3 years now. She has done amazing things to my skin. In one word, she’s excellent. She’s simply wonderful at what she does. She knows what she’s doing and takes time to help you with your skin. I would recommend her to everyone who needs to take of skin related issues.

Andleep A.
The Woodlands, TX

John’s face looks so good even after one visit. When he went to bed last night he thanked God for letting us find someone to help him with his face. I thought I would pass this along! Thanks for everything!

Rebecca N.
Mother of High School Freshman
Tomball, TX

I wanted to treat myself to a facial and had noticed how healthy my sister’s complexion looked. She introduced me to Pam – that was 7 months ago. I loved the sun in the ’60s and it showed. Pam has shown me how to take care of my skin. As a result, it is healthier and my skin tone is much more even. Her facials and products are amazing and reasonable. With Pam’s help, I will definitely age gracefully!

Katy, TX

Pamela is the best! She took care of my oily, blemish prone skin. She is certainly a skin expert! A facial with her is such a relaxing experience, and her rates are very reasonable. I’ll be back in 6 weeks!

The Woodlands, TX

Pam is the most amazing aesthetician! She is far more knowledgeable about skin care than any aesthetician I have been to in the past. I had tried so many different skin places and products for my acne and oily skin. Nothing seemed to work until I met Pam. She opened my eyes to the way skin care really should be. My skin began to clear up almost immediately. In addition to her experience/education in skin care, her medical and nutritional backgrounds allow her to pinpoint exactly what is going on with one’s skin, and then she works effortlessly to fix it. The product line she uses is outstanding. Not only does Pam give great facials and great advice on taking care of your care, she has the best prices around. All of her services are extremely affordable. I will definitely be using Pam for my skin care from now

Tomball, TX

Just wanted to say hello to you and tell you my mom Lydia A. got me using some of your products. I have seen great results and will be ordering more in the near future. Thanks again!

Denise D.
Spring, TX

Pam really is an amazing aesthetician! She is so knowledgeable about every aspect of your skin, and how each skin condition may relate to your everyday health issues. She is constantly attending classes and seminars to learn about the latest and greatest techniques. Pam makes the sessions enjoyable, like hanging out with a good friend. She is truly a wonderful person who genuinely cares about her clients and their general health as well as the health of their skin. Pam takes her time with you, spending way more time on each client than any other “aesthetician” in any other salon I have visited. She does not care about just getting you in and out, she really just wants to fix and heal your skin. Not to mention, her prices are extremely fair for the amount of time she spends with each client, and the products she uses are products in which she truly believes and she knows so much about the products and has been able to tailor my skincare regime as different issues arise. She always knows what my skin needs. Amazing!! I am so glad that ARC referred me to Pam when I called inquiring about their products. Oh, and did I mention I travel to Spring from Katy… a good 45 minutes to an hour each way… well worth the trip!

Lisa T

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