We all want to age gracefully. Everyone secretly wishes to be asked if they’re ten years younger than they really are. Plastic surgery is not the only way of achieving it. Studies have shown that topical anti-aging treatments can begin to produce results within 4-6 weeks of continuous use as long as they contain quality ingredients.


The exercice – Total Workout you Need To Look Good For Eternity

Nue Fusion 600 Microcurrent Series

  • Non-invasive
  • Progressive not aggressive treatment
  • Anti-aging benefits without down time
  • Cumulative results
  • Performed in a series for optimal results

Treatment Benefits:

  • Diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Diminishes expression aging
  • Increases ATP – fuels our cells ‘energy of life’
  • Contour’s jowls, double chins, droopy eyelids
  • Increases blood, cellular mitosis, lymph and fibroblast (Collagen) activity

What is Microcurrent:

It is a bio-stimulation using small amounts of electricity.

Microcurrent gives various intensities for muscle and or myo-filaments responses. These responses are important to increase ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) response. This process increases the blood flow for cellular regeneration which increases growth.

It is the muscle cell we are focusing our efforts with; if you improve the blood capillary response then you are improving the cell’s metabolic rate which may relate to wound healing and growth of a stronger collagen response. Think about daily exercise how we increase the blood capillary which increases the amount of oxygen, nutrients, and water to our cell’s health. Microcurrent gives you the same advantage as well. “It is the total workout for the prevention of aging.”

Microcurrent started in the 1830′s and studied more intensely in the 1960′s this technology has grown in the past 5-7 years with having an impact with anti-aging benefits to the esthetic industry and other medical practices.

How does this relate to turning back the hands of time?

In a big way; this technology is a bio stimulator so therefore you are creating an enhanced environment for blood stimulation, lymphatic stimulation, and cellular stimulation through increasing cellular metabolism. In a nut shell you are creating muscle to fixate better to bone and skin to fixate better to muscle. Results: More of a youthful appearance with a lifted – toned look to your skin.

Most women like not having the down time, creating an individualized program that works. They want the perfect way to finally get results. This is a procedure that you may incorporate your injections like Botox™ and or fillers like Radiesse® to obtain a youthful, sculpted look that you desire. For women that do not want those extra boosts will have the advantage of enhancing their natural beauty by refreshing, restructuring, and replenishing their features to a vibrant youthful appearance.dical practices.


Twice a Week for 6 to 8 Weeks………………………………$1500.00

Bi-Monthly Maintenance…………………………………………………$90.00

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